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zülfükar gedik ceo/founder

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November 30



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Great Bounty Dealer

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(905) 359-6342

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Great Bounty Dealer

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GBD project was created by Turkish entrepreneurs using the Tron Blockchain infrastructure, and was designed as a smart contract TRC20 open source code.It aims to be a virtual and real exchange and commercial unit in the crypto money market.It aims to make the change happen faster and more smoothly with the merger of the developing technology and the real sector. Being a non-repetitive, open to development, safe and rapid change tool, it has also been designed as a pioneer and solution producer in all necessary changes by focusing on developing technology. It is aimed to eliminate the problems that arise in all changes, virtual and real, and to complete the changes in a transparent, fast and reliable way in transportation and transfer processes, away from physical intervention.
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