Copy Trading User Guide Copy Trading User Guide

Copy Trading User Guide



1. What is Copy Trading

Copy Trading is a feature that allows copiers to copy the trades of multiple elite traders by automatically aligning with traders' trading activities and thus generating profits or losses. Copy trading saves users from the trouble of opening and closing positions and monitoring the market for themselves as all trades of the trader that they copy will be automatically copied. 2. Types of copy trading2.1 Copy by Fixed Amount

Copy directly according to the number of each order placed by the trader, and if your balance is insufficient, the maximum number of orders that can be placed is calculated according to your available balance. 2.2 Copy by a Fixed Percentage"Order Amount" will be calculated proportionally. Calculate with reference to the ratio of each order of a trader with a single order to his futures balance, and calculate the order amount for each order based on this ratio and your copy trading amount. Calculation formula: The order amount of the follower = The deposit of the trader / the available balance of the trader * the amount of the copy of the follower The opening value of the follower = The deposit of the trader / the available balance of the trader * the amount of the copy of the follower * the margin multiple

3. How to start copy tradingStep 1:


Step 2: Select a trader.

You can select traders you want to follow.

You can see a list of the traders at the Copy Trade Page with their Nickname, ROL, Total PNL, Winning Rate, Current Followers displayed on the page.


There are two views available, you can have a better view of all the traders using box view



Step 3: On the trader's homepage, click "Copy" and enter Copy Settings.



4. View my copy trading history

Click "My Copy Trading History" to check copy trading data.

  • Overview: It displays "Total Copying Amount", "Income" and "ROL". You can view more details after you scroll down the list.
  • Ongoing: It Includes copy trading orders not closed yet.
  • Closed: It includes USDT copy trading orders already closed.


    5. Edit or cancel copy trading orders

    Go to "My Copy Trading Orders" - "Ongoing" and tap the trader you are copying. Click "Stop Copying" to stop copying manually. There are two types to choose from:

    If you choose to end the following relationship, once canceled, you will no longer copy the traders' orders and the trader will no longer show on your copying list. Existing copied orders will be closed as the trader closes the orders.



    Thank You Zedxion team 

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