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Report an item

ZEDXION is a decentralized NFT marketplace that allows any user to create their own content. If an item appears to be objectionable or infringing on the copyright of others, it is in violation of our Term and we will take immediate action to remove the item from our marketplace.
To report an item, navigate to the item detail page.
Scroll down and click the ‘report’ button.
Choose either ‘NSFW’ or ‘Copyright Infringement’ depending on the issue. Add comments if necessary.
Once a report is submitted to our team, we will investigate the case as soon as possible and take appropriate action once verified.
If an NFT is no longer accessible on ZEDXION, then it is possible that the NFT in question has been taken down or blocked on ZEDXION due to reports of copyright infringement or violating our Terms. The immediate removal of the reported NFT may be temporary, as our team will review each report and conduct due diligence to verify the originality of the works.
ZEDXION fully abides to [local and international] regulations and copyright laws and will investigate all infringement requests. ZEDXION does not support fraud or any actions that violate the integrity of our platform, our terms of service or international laws.

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