How do I find the contract address and token ID of my NFT?
You can find the Contract Addrss and TokenID of the NFT by simply going to its block explorer page (Etherscan, Bscscan, etc.)
Navigate to your item detail page and scroll down to click on ‘View on Etherscan’.
The contract address and token ID are on the second line. (see red rectangles)
Where will NFTs be kept? Can they be stored on a wallet, or just on the platform?
ZEDXION is non-custodial, meaning we do NOT keep ownership of any of your NFTs! You will keep all your NFTs within your own wallets. Not your keys, not your NFTs!
Each item on ZEDXION NFT is assigned a unique serial number. Whenever there is a change of ownership (i.e. when a successful purchase takes place), the unique user ID of the current owner and the item’s serial number will be recorded on the BscScan and IFPS.
Why can't I see my NFTs?
There may be multiple reasons you aren't able to see your NFTs.
If you can't view your NFTs on the ZEDXION marketplace, it maybe because of the following reasons:
    NFTs are not imported to ZEDXION. In which case, please request your collection to be imported.
    Item maybe taken down due to copyright violation. ZEDXION fully abides to regulations and copyright laws and will respond to all infringement requests.
    ​Network slowdown causing some items and transactions to be delayed. This will usually resolve itself after 10-15 minutes.
If you can't view your NFTs on your wallet application (MetaMask, TrustWallet, Safepal, etc.), then you will need to check for the following.
    Does the wallet support NFTs in general?
    Does the wallet support my NFT standard? (Metamask does not support ERC1155 items)
    Does the wallet support my NFT's file type? (Some wallets only render MP4 videos)
    Does the wallet require a manual import of your NFTs?
Many wallet providers are at varying levels of support for NFTs. Do check in with the support team of your own wallet to see their latest updates.
What kind of transaction information is recorded on-chain?
On Refinable you now have the NFT history. Each item on Refinable NFT is assigned a unique serial number. Whenever there is a change of ownership (i.e. when a successful purchase takes place), the unique user ID of the current owner and the item’s serial number will be recorded on the BscScan and IFPS.
BscScan is a block explorer and analytics platform for the Binance Smart Chain, and Defistation is a leaderboard and analytics tool for DeFi projects built on top of BSC.
IPFS is a peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol designed to store media content in a decentralized way. As the media file related to NFTs cannot be stored directly on the blockchain, IPFS can store all that data.
Who pays the gas fees?
Gas fees are like transaction fees on the Binance blockchain. When you make transactions, such as transfer crypto to another wallet or purchase a digital collectible on ZEDXION, you'll need enough BNB in your wallet for the initial transaction and the associated gas fees.
Can I edit an NFT?
Once an NFT is created, it cannot be edited. If you need to change something in your NFT you need to start the minting the process from scratch with the correct information.
How can I add my purchased NFTs to my Metamask wallet?
Metamask is only accepting unique NFTs (ERC-721) at the moment and not multi-edition NFTs (ERC-1155). If an item is not showing on Metamask wallet, you may have to import the item manually.
Please make sure you are connected to the right network when adding NFTs to your Metamask (Example: If you want to add an NFT that was bought on Binance Smart Chain, make sure you're connected to BSC).
Where do I see my proceeds or royalties?
You may view all incoming payments directly on the Internal Txns tab of your wallet's block explorer page (Etherscan, Bscscan).
Once an item is sold on Refinable, the NFT and payment will automatically release to their new owners. This includes any royalties, service fees, and profit share customized for the sold item.
If you use a typical wallet such as Metamask, Trustwallet, Safepal, or other similar providers, you may not receive a direct notification or transaction record (in the highlighted area below) when your proceeds or royalties arrive.
This is because most wallets display transaction records authorized by you or received by you directly. Proceeds or royalties are distributed via custom smart contracts but will always be documented properly on your blockchain explorer (Etherescan, Bscscan, etc.)
When viewing your own account on your blockchain explorer, the income will not show on the first Transactions tab. You will have to navigate to the Internal Txns tab to see all incoming proceeds and royalties!
Why do I get an insufficient funds error when there are funds in my wallet?
There may be multiple reasons for an insufficient funds error.
  • 1.
    That the wallet actually does not have enough funds due to the additional gas/transaction costs required
  • 2.
    Incorrect network selected so token balances are not the same
  • 3.
    Wallet connected with ZEDXION is not the wallet selected
Not enough funds
Every transaction will require the user to provide additional funds to account for gas costs. This extra amount is variable but will need to be submitted along with the sale or bid amount at the time of purchase.
For more information about what gas fees are, please visit this link.
On the Metamask wallet, you can view the maximum gas fee costs for this transaction on the confirmation screen. See below for highlighted section.
Incorrect network
Refinable supports multiple networks and their NFTs. Every item is associated with a particular blockchain network. Make sure you are on the correct network in your wallet to view the correct balances for the item.
On the Metamask browser extension, you can select which network you want to access via the dropdown on the header, as highlighted below/
Incorrect Wallet Connection
Metamask allows multiple wallets to be stored at one time. However, on Refinable, only 1 wallet may be connected at one time. Once connected with your wallet, you will see your profile information listed in the top-right header.
Because of multi-wallet support on Metamask, you can run into a situation where the wallet shown on Metamask is not the same as the wallet connected to the Refinable marketplace.
In this situation, ensure your wallet on Metamask is connected to Refinable by clicking on the 'Not connected' status, then select the wallet you do want to switch to.
In this example, I'll be switching to my Account 2, and after clicking "Connect", my Account 2 is now showing Active on this screen.
Navigating back to the main Metamask page, you'll see the status has updated to Connected with a green dot next to it. This means the wallet shown on Metamask is indeed connected to the current application.
Why do the transactions take so long?
When a user takes an action on an NFT, what actually happens is they are communicating with the public blockchain!
Every signing and confirmation you do send a message to the public computers to process. Each action may require multiple stages to process and Refinable has implemented a clear status viewer to track the progress of your actions.
For example, when creating an NFT there are 2 main stages
  • 1.
    Uploading the attachment to IPFS
  • 2.
    Creating an NFT record on the blockchain
There may also be a third step included for users looking to create an NFT and list it for sale right after its creation. As seen in the screenshot below.
Once a user is prompted to sign a transaction with their wallet, the transaction is then sent to be confirmed by the blockchain operators. Usually, this process is not instant because it takes time for different computers to confirm the same transaction (ensuring a high degree of confidence in your transaction). Refinable takes a standard 3 block confirmation approach before acknowledging a transaction has indeed, safely gone through. All this data can be verified on the block explore such as Etherscan, Bscscan, and Polyscan.
So in the Minting and Listing stages, after the user signs the transaction with their wallet, there is a short period of waiting before Refinable can continue.
On faster networks such as BSC or Polygon, this 3 bock confirmation can be achieved in 10-20 seconds, however, on busier networks such as Ethereum, it may take 3-6 minutes.
As time goes on, you may notice your transaction will continue to acquire more block confirmations!

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