Project contact person name : Guido Ivo Tissi CEO
Request Date November 30 2021
Gender Male
Project contact person Email :
Project Name: Nemesis
Project contract adress: 0x77252494C25444F8598A0c74Ffc90ADc535291a9
Token/Coin/Network Block explorer :
Type a question ERC20
Token/Coin Abbreviation (Ticker): NMS
Decimals:  18
Official Site URL:
Currency supply : 275000000
Link to reddit (optional) :
Link to Facebook :
Link to twitter :
Link to Github :
Types of supported transactions (with Memo/without Memo): Uniswap
Link to node installation instruction (documentation) (or attach separately)
Link to white paper and upload
File Upload NMS_Whitepaper_V1.0_Official Release_2021-10-13_SEC_Filing_2763548.pdf
Link to download an icon logo (.svg is required) and upload:
Opening price ($) :  0.0000012
Current price ($) : 0.018
Main promotion channels : Telegram:
Current exchanges (if listed already): Uniswap, Vindax
Official Contact Email Address :
Company Name : Nemesis Wealth Projects LLC
How many investors? 500
Additional Comments Nemesis Wealth Projects is a collection of software and applications designed to make it easier to access DeFi. The heart of the ecosystem – the $NMS Token – is built to progressively increase in value, thus guaranteeing wealth accumulation for token holders.

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