Project contact person name : samakoush reza COE
Request Date November 26 2021
Gender Male
Project contact person Email :
Project Name: SEPANTA
Project contract adress:
Token/Coin/Network Block explorer :
Type a question TRC20
Token/Coin Abbreviation (Ticker): SPN
Decimals:  18
Official Site URL:
Currency supply : USDT
Link to reddit (optional) :
Link to twitter :
Link to Github :
Types of supported transactions (with Memo/without Memo): WITH MEMO
Link to node installation instruction (documentation) (or attach separately)
File Upload SPN.jpg
Link to white paper and upload
File Upload 3.pdf
Link to download an icon logo (.svg is required) and upload:
Main promotion channels : Linkedin:

Instagram: Token_Sepanta/



Twitter: Sepanta_SPN
Current exchanges (if listed already): NO
Official Contact Email Address :
Company Name : CALL GULF
Courses English 101
Expected listing date (from 5 working days after filling up request form): 12-31-2021
Announcement publication- pre-announcement date:- announcement date: 11-30-2021
How many investors? 2
Start date of ICO 11-30-2021
Additional Comments The idea of creating a SEPANTA(SPN) TOKEN for the transportation industry will be an attractive and progressive idea for all investors and he hopes that in the very near future this SEPANTA (SPN) TOKEN in the maritime, land and rail transportation industries as a reliable and tradable currency. Be in the TRON CHAIN platform and in reputable exchange offices.

Ideates and creators:

The engineering group and the activists of the university and the shipping industry, despite understanding the problems related to this industry, have been programming and creating tokens in the platform.

10,000,000 SEPANTA(SPN) TOKEN units have been taken according to its necessity, need and value, and its material and spiritual value will reach the value of bitcoin and above

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