Project contact person name : ASIF ALI FOUNDER
Request Date December 8 2021
Gender Male
Project contact person Email :
Project Name: BITGOO
Project contract adress: 0x19b15ecbf83cbf9050caea50080db0dc0027b8fe
Token/Coin/Network Block explorer :
Type a question BEP20
Token/Coin Abbreviation (Ticker): BTG
Decimals:  8
Official Site URL:
Currency supply : 20,000,000,000,000
Link to twitter :
Types of supported transactions (with Memo/without Memo): Without Memo
Link to white paper and upload
Link to download an icon logo (.svg is required) and upload:
Opening price ($) :  0.0000008078
Current price ($) : $0.000001367
Main promotion channels :
Current exchanges (if listed already):
Official Contact Email Address :
Company Name : BITGOO
Courses English 101
Expected listing date (from 5 working days after filling up request form): 01-01-2022
Announcement publication- pre-announcement date:- announcement date: 12-25-2021
How much did you raise so far? 2000
How many investors? 1000
Additional Comments Detailed Project Description (Cryptoasset)-
BitGoo™ - FIRST UTILITY COIN - This is the world's first token in the history of Crypto that allows you to book utilities like Flights, Hotels & Cruise etc.

A Travel & Tourism network where crypto holders can meet with global and local tourism service providers in the light of previous travelers' experiences And also Crypto holders can make bookings on BITGOO own portal with BitGoo Coin & other Crypto currencies.

Our Mission is to create a own Worldwide Cryptocurrency based B2C (Business-2-Customer) Travel & Tourism Portal, enabling travelers to make bookings safely & easily and pioneering online travel payments to be paid with BITGOO Coin & other Crypto currencies including Master & Visa Cards also.

BitTravel will allow to anybody book utilities with BitGoo Tokens or any crypto currencies.

BitSwap will allow traders to Swap their BEP-20 and ERC-20 tokens/coins for another while maintaining full custody of their tokens/coins.

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